Cori Rig

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Cori is a dreamy and vivacious girl who loves to live adventures in pajamas since in her head pajamas are the best prepared costumes to live dream adventures.

This model is a gift for the blender community, enjoy it.

The only request I have is that all the comments you have about the model and the team let me know so that I can improve the system of this team as much as possible and benefit everyone.


Q- The script "" is dangerous?

A- It is not dangerous, it is essential for the platform to be fully operational

Q- Where is the IK and FK switch?

A- In the gears

Q- Can I use cori to make animations for my own project plans, or reels?

A- Yes, and I would appreciate it if you sent them to me either by the comment box or privately.

Q- The rig will receive maintenance and future updates?

A- Yes, there are improvements that for the publication day have not yet been implemented as IK fingers and dynamic panels, all this without counting the improvements that you can bring with your feedback

I want this!
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Cori Rig

47 ratings
I want this!